The library is the most impressive room at Cottage and modeled after the 14th century Merton Library at Oxford. All library oak was also supplied by Morant and Company in London (the same dealer that supplied all of the Gallery wood). McKim measured the original library at Merton and made modern adjustments to fit the library space.

One of the main features is the classical screen that divides the Library and the Writing Room. McKim placed the carved triple arch on a flat entablature, rather than on its own supporting arch as at Merton.

Above are the music sheets written by Cottage members for the Princeton Cannon Song and The Guard of Old Nassau.

Most recently, the 1994 movie I.Q. was filmed around Princeton and scouts chose the library for many of the scenes with Walter Matthau, Meg Ryan, Tim Robbins and actors playing Einstein’s friends. They were filmed in the Writing Room. 


On September 14, 1999, the Club was entered onto the New Jersey Register of Historic Places.

On November 15, 1999, it was added to the National Historic Register of Historic Places based on the architectural structure of the building, high degree of historic integrity, and significant cultural contributions to the community.

These recognitions will help to preserve and protect this historic treasure for future generations.

Dean Mathey was once again the donor for the overhaul of the library light fixtures. He also paid for the organization and layout of the extensive book collection.