Second Floor Hallway


The hallway memorializes Cottage history with various photos of the Clubhouse in its original states of rental property humility and eventually the grandiose McKim Georgian revival splendor that we have come to know as Cottage.

The first photo on the left is of the first Cottage building rented in 1886 on University Place. This building housed four clubs in their beginning stages and was affectionately named “The Incubator.”

The second photo shows the 1892 Cottage building on this site, which now also resides on University place.

The ‘SEVEN WISE MEN OF GREASE’ are the original founders of the University Cottage Club.

Club members who have served in the armed services:

  • James Forrestal 1915
  • Breckenridge Long ’03 – US Ambassador to Italy in 1933 with Mussolini
  • Henry LaBouisse ’26 – US Ambassador to Greece
  • Livingston Merchant ’27 – US Ambassador to Canada
  • William Stevenson ’22 – US Ambassador to Philippines, he was also an Olympic Gold Medalist in Track
  • Dick Kazmaier ’52 – Heisman Trophy Winner
  • Bill Bradley ’65 – Professional Basketball player