Dining Room

Dining Room

This is the main club room on the ground floor. Designed to be similar to the Club room at the University Club in NY but one-quarter of the size. Most Princeton men of that era were closely connected with the University Club.

The Dining Room -where all meals are served - was originally serviced by waiters and each member was greeted by name upon entering.

The Kitchen is located on the second floor (common club design in the early 1900’s to keep heat from cooking elements away from the diners) and is linked to the dining room and serving pantry via elevator and dumbwaiter.

Wood and plaster ceiling details were added in 1916 by the architect.

The dining room space boasts of three fireplaces.

Fireplace mottos:

  • First: ‘They Take the Sun from the World Who Take Friends from Life.’
  • Middle: Ubi Amici Ibidem Sunt Opes ‘Where there are friends there are riches’
  • Last: ‘Out of Many Make One’