The design of the rear façade maximizes the southern exposure and extends into the landscape. Imagine the views of the early 1900’s, when you could see clearly to the Stony Brook and newly formed Carnegie Lake.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Class of 1917, is perhaps the person most popularly associated with Cottage Club. His first novel, This Side of Paradise, which is autobiographical, was started in the library upstairs. In it he mentions the club… “June came and the days grew so hot and lazy that they could not worry even about exams, but spent dreamy evenings on the court of Cottage, talking of long subjects until the sweep of country toward Stony Brook became a blue haze and the lilacs were white around the tennis courts, and words gave way to silent cigarettes…”

Pavilions were added, thru an anonymous donation from Dean Mathey, in 1966 and are dedicated to:

  • East Pavilion: John Foster Dulles, Valedictorian 1908 and Secretary of State 1953-1959
  • West Pavilion: James Forrestal, Class of 1915, Secretary of the Navy 1944-1947, Secretary of Defense 1947-1949

The fountain is part of the original structure. It is made of Pink Milford granite that was imported from Maine. It still functions on a daily basis and was dedicated on June 1, 2007, to Matty Glinka, Cottage Manager, from 1950-1980.

The Courtyard’s Bronze Eagle was donated by George Dewey, class of 1896, to honor his father, Admiral George Dewey, and his achievements in the Spanish American War.

In the 1950s the board decided to continue the curbside brick wall around the perimeter of the property. They got as far as the white gate that leads into the backyard and found that it was prohibitive to the club budget to continue. Labor and material costs had risen greatly. They decided to continue to wrap the remaining area in Holly trees. Dean Mathey put up half of the money for this project.